Portfolio Earth: Bankrolling Extinction - The Banking Sector's Role In The Global Biodiversity Crisis

In 2019, the world’s largest banks invested more than USD 2.6 trillion (c. entire GDP of Canada) in sectors which governments and scientists agree are the primary drivers of biodiversity destruction. None of the banks assessed have chosen to put sufficient systems in place to monitor or measure the impact of their loans on biodiversity, nor do they have comprehensive policies to halt it. Banks play a key role in a financial system that free rides on biodiversity, and the regulators and rules which govern banks currently protect them from any consequences.

portfolio.earth is a new initiative born out of rising concerns that our finance sector is not taking the human-induced 6th mass extinction seriously and is actively providing capital to sectors that governments and scientists agree is deemed harmful to biodiversity. portfolio.earth is a collaborative effort – a collective of individuals working with others to take on the finance industries role in contributing to the destruction of nature. We aim to bring together diverse voices to amplify the incredible pressure that is mounting upon the finance industry and its role in bankrolling extinction, find new ways to tell this story and double down on the changes we need to see.

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